About Sinda


Sinda Karklina was born in Latvia shortly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. At the age of 9 she moved to The United States Of America and grew up in the quintessential American town of Brooklyn, New York. Sinda received her BA from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine where she focused on watercolor painting and stop-motion animation. After several years of rooftop farming, beekeeping, and jam-making in Brooklyn, she moved to Portland, Oregon where she learned the magical art of clay at Oregon College of Art & Craft. She founded Sissy Moon Arts & Crafts in early 2016. Her ceramic work has been available on the world wide web and in Portland at shops such as Tender Loving Empire, Pistils Nursery, and Solabee Flowers, as well as markets such as Renegade Craft Fair, Portland Flea, and Sundaze Collective. 


When she's not busy creating ceramic treasures for all to love, Sinda enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog Teddy, going to basketball games, and learning how to dance.