Artist's Statement

I create work that uses nostalgia and satire to connect with people about our place in time and culture. By using quiet forms and pop-art style decoration, I hope to excite the general public into a more lively perception of ceramics that is a better fit in our modern homes and doesn’t take itself as seriously as the ceramics of our parents' generation. The imagery I use creates lighthearted conversation between the viewer and the piece. Since my work is meant to be used daily in the home, that lightheartedness may uplift its users' lives.

The evidence of my hand in the clay and glaze illustrations creates a positive aesthetic and emotional connection between the object and the viewer that is much more intimate and comforting than the connection available with mass-produced ceramics. By using the traditional decorating method of majolica on terra cotta clay in a fun, loose way, I’m creating work that is new, accessible, and specific to our life experience.