Custom Pet Portrait Cup

Custom Pet Portrait Cup

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Quite possibly the most heartwarming of all Sissy Moon items, these portrait cups are for treasuring, drinking out of fondly, and gazing upon with a loving stare almost as adoring as the one you stare at your actual pet with. 


These cups are made completely by hand on the pottery wheel with terra cotta clay, dipped in a white glossy glaze, and fired in an electric kiln. The portrait is carefully hand painted from visually referencing your photographs. 


When ordering custom pet portrait cups, you will need to email me photos of the pet’s face that are taken from a straight on angle, in good even lighting (preferably natural daylight). The quality of the hand painted portrait will greatly depend on the quality of the photos, because unfortunately, I cannot have the pleasure of painting your pet from real life, as much as I would love to (after petting them and scratching their bellies for a long time). Let me know the pet’s name as well, and if there is anything special you would like me to know about them.


Email photos and names to: 


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Pet portrait cups make great gifts for our loved ones. When emailing photos to me, you can let me know if you would like a photo sent to you of the finished cup if you are having it shipped directly to the recipient of the gift. 

Local pickup is available from my studio in NW Portland. Enter code SCOOP for pickup. 


Measurements vary as each cup is unique but here is roughly what to expect:

Contains about 16 fluid ounces

About 3" wide at the top

About 5” tall




 Hand washing and handling with care is recommended for these extra special items and they are completely food safe. When making hot tea in the mug, it is a good idea to warm it up with warm tap water before pouring boiling temperature water directly in the mug. 

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