Dot Mug

Dot Mug

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Chances are, this Dot Mug was be carved over a gloomy and overcast Portland afternoon but then sparked new joy through its process for both its maker and ultimate user. Currently in stock and ready to ship or pickup!


Rare Gems

Sissy Moon is officially bringing back mugs with handles for the first time in two years (honestly it’s been too long). Mugs are a life companion-object and need to be crafted carefully with great attention to detail. It took some time to perfect the design but at last, a new line is on its way, worthy of your daily use. Sissy Moon mugs are thrown slowly and trimmed to an ideal thickness so that they keep your warm beverage warm for a good while, but thin enough and evenly weighted so that they are comfortable to pick up and hold for as many sips as you need. 


The handles on these mugs (ask me to rant about handle design sometime!) are crafted and attached by hand. They are sturdy enough to make the mug feel secure in your hand, and shaped so that they fit perfectly in the crook of your finger without feeling off balance or having awkward edges. Holding a Sissy Moon mug is soft, ergonomic, comforting, heart warming, dreamy, and fun, all the while maintaining a quiet, modern aesthetic. Drinking from it is a wildly positive experience thanks to the glazed, tapered rim. Your mouth, hands, and eyes will thank you. 


And yes, I know what you're thinking, and the answer is: yes, this mug WILL fit in your car cupholder.



Contains about 20 fluid ounces

About 3" wide at the top

About 5.75" tall





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