Slam Dunk Contest 2000 Mug

Slam Dunk Contest 2000 Mug

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Vinsanity Series

Vince Carter might not be grabbing super star headlines these days, and is often referenced as the oldest player currently in the NBA. But he was a great big deal around the early 2000s, when he played for the Raptors and basically created the basketball culture in Toronto as we know it today. He is the greatest dunker of all time and by all accounts a really great person. His podcast, Winging It, is a really chill listen.


He holds an interesting place in my heart and in pop culture because he is already a nostalgic and mythical figure in basketball history but is also still currently playing and being a great veteran mentor on the Atlanta Hawks. So much of basketball fandom is how everything that happens is both history and magical myth. Vince Carter is one of its heroes.


Basketball is all about movement and fluidity, so these illustrations are interactive and work best when the mug is in your hands and you can turn it around and around to see all the action.

Approx. 3.25" wide at the opening and 5.25" tall, contains about 20 fl oz. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 



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