Swoopes Hoops Mug

Swoopes Hoops Mug

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 This pair of mugs is dedicated to the incredible Sheryl Swoopes, the first person to be signed to the WNBA. She won so many awards, created and broke so many records, it’s hard to keep track but one thing is for sure, this WNBA champion, Olympic gold medalist, Her Airness herself, has been an incredible inspiration to girl hoopers around the world. 



The Splashzone Series

So here’s the story: despite basketball being the number one sport in Latvia, where I’m from, and despite growing up in Brooklyn, NY where b-ball courts are everywhere, I never really learned how to play as a shy kid. But! I’ve been a big fan ever since Space Jam, and finally as a 30 year old, I’ve gotten some good pals of mine to take on teaching me. One of my favorite parts about it has been learning about form. Having the right form, and then repeating it to make it become muscle memory is key to basketball skills. The Splashzone Series is all about the jumpshot. When shooting the ball, you shoot with one hand and guide with the other. After release, there’s the follow through, which you hold in the air for a moment to help with consistent aim. In this series, I’m illustrating that moment right after release, when your hands are still up in the air, you’re holding your follow through, and the ball approaches the hoop. Hopefully it goes in! Basketball is all about movement and fluidity, so the illustration is interactive and works when the pot is in your hands and you can turn it around and around to see all the action. 


This very special, cool, comfortable mug measures a sweet 3.25" wide at the opening and 4.5” tall. Contains about 16 fluid ounces.



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